GM CLIMBING 32kN UIAA Certified Large Rescue Pulley Single/Double Sheave with Swing Plate CE/UIAA

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Product Details
  • Quality-manufactured pulley for mountain rescue, tower work, ski patrol or whatever requires block and tackle system.
  • Sheave of 2.24 inches Dia, pulley with large sheave is much better and easier for hauling big load.
  • Mounted with ball bearing for higher efficiency and smoothness! Swing side for easy and rapid rope installation and removal!
  • CE / UIAA Certification! Rating to 32kN / 7100lbs for high durability to satisfy all your requirements, like pulling a stranded boat, hauling some out of a crevasse, etc.
  • Compatible with wide range of ropes, up to 16mm (5/8")! Multiple anchors for complex rescue / hauling system setup!
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