An Introduction to Rigging in the Entertainment Industry (Applications & Techniques)

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Another addition to the rapidly expanding Application and Techniques Series of books, Chris Higgs’ An Introduction to Rigging in the Entertainment Industry is a unique reference work for this wide-ranging subject.

The book is a practical guide to rigging techniques and practices and also thoroughly covers safety issues and discusses the implications of working within recommended guidelines and regulations. 

Chris Higgs’ career was paved from working in regional theatres through to specializing in rigging and stage machinery. Health issues put a stop to full time rigging in the late nineties, at which point Chris applied his extensive experience in this field to safety and rigging training. 

This book brings his training material together in one publication as a stand-alone reference work for riggers and rigging. Although an essential addition to the bookshelf of anyone working at height and with temporary overhead structures, this book is not intended to replace any formal training and should be used as a complement to safety training, not a replacement.

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